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Practical knowledge plays a vital role in diploma education. Our infrastructure is equipped with required tools and equipments for the students to gain practical knowledge. We have separate labs for each department. We encourage students to practice theoretical explanations at our laboratories.


We provide transportation facility to all important locations across the city for the convenience of students. With safety as a priority, our vehicles are maintained with well defined inspection procedure. The transportation route is planned based on our students coming from nearby towns and villages.Our important boarding points are othakadai, thirunagar, nagamalai, samayanalloor, sivagangai, avanyapuram.


The campus is culturally diverse, and this is your opportunity to sensitize yourself towards people from different backgrounds and experiences. Since tolerance starts at home, we believe it’s our responsibility to create a harmonious and peaceful environment. The ability to juggle multiple responsibilities is one of the key skills recruiters look for while hiring. Whatever you choose to pursue, note that your commitment level is entirely up to you. However,we urge you to keep in mind that these activities ought to complement your studies; it should not replace or side-line your course.


Hygienic food prepared in a clean and safe environment is provided to our hostel students. Vegetarian and Non – vegetarian food is part in the menu along with other evening snacks.


For the purpose of fulfilling the needs readers community we have a spacious library with vast number of essential books will satisfy the needs of all department students and faculty members. Book reading is the best way to make the minds more sound and knowledgeable is what we believe. So that our library consists the books of excellence. It enriches the students knowledge and helps to improve the reading habit among the students.